Borys is waiting for your support

From his very birth our five-year-old son Borys suffered from Cerebral Palsy (CP), an illness which is both complicated and incurable and knows many forms and shapes. The demon that Borys is fighting against has a name of spastic diplegia. It is a form of CP which is characterized by a bilateral spasticity of the legs, to put it simply, a serious impairment of the legs.

In what one might call a blessing in disguise Borys is only affected by a light version of palsy which manifests itself in the impairment of motor and not cognitive functions. Borys is growing up as a serious and sunny young lad. His intellectual and social skills develop normally and he attends the kindergarten with able-bodied children. When he is sitting down among them you wouldn’t know he is any different. It is only when he stands up to move from one place to another that his disability shows.

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